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Float Sensor – simple in design June 2, 2010

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Float Sensor for control of water level - simple in design

I am working with what is called a  “Liquid Water Level Sensor Horizontal Float Switch”.  In more simple terms it is a FLOAT SENSOR.  The sensor is positioned vertical with the wires coming out the bottom of the sensor.  This float sensor measures water horizontally.  As the water volume increases the float will move higher with the water volume.  One feature that needs to be accounted for is the fact that being a simple switch the float will actually flip before hitting the top of the holding structure.  It would seem to me each and every float sensor will have a different point at which it flips.  So I think each sensor will need to be calibrated to the specific task.  In my mind the best way to handle this is to program into the arduino sketch a time element then the float sensor can be placed in any location with out the need to have it only flip at the exact point you are looking for your water level.  On the reverse side of this last point is that once the float moves down with the water level (within the tank or grow bed)  the float will flip at the same point as going up.  This is problem as you do not want the water pump to come on just yet.  These are just a few of the new things we will learn about how to incorporate this simple sensor for use in aquaponic systems.

I purchased this sensor at the link below:




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