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Swivel Manifold Fittings — Spears June 3, 2010

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Tight Situations can be over come and still work

The number one criteria I have when designing and building aquaponic systems is that I can replace or clean out any feature within 15 minutes.  I have had to re-do a number of components in systems that have resulted in a complete overhaul to get to one component of the system.  One of the keys to meeting my criteria is the use of Swivel Manifold Fittings.  They are hard to find and more expensive over all, but well worth the money in the long run for me.

Common Swivel Fittings for use in Aquaponics

 Use of these swivel manifold fittings allows for maximum flexibility in tight areas and hard to plumb situations.

Flexibility to make connections that can be taken apart in short order

Here is another tight situation that gives me  maximum flexibility.  This is a new system I am working on and had limited space to work with for all the plumbing.

Media Bed with tight plumbing requirements

I used a swivel manifold TEE fitting and can now take apart and clean out the plumbing with ease.

Swivel tee connection

Swivel connections with tight space constraints



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