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Float Switch — values returned August 24, 2010

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Knowing the values returned from the switch makes it possible to write a Sketch using these values to accomplish the task of turning a pump on or off.  Being that this is a switch only two states occur.  ON or OFF.  We will now determine the values for the ON State and the OFF State.

Three things need to happen in order to generate values from the Float Switch.

1.  Arduino Sketch needs to be developed and load on to the arduino

2  Reading taken in the OFF state or bottom of the switch.

3. Reading taken in the ON state or top of the switch.


Sketch to test for values

// Sketch to determine values for FLOAT SWITCH

int FLOAT = 0;
int float_val;

void setup(){
Serial.begin(9600);    // open serial port


void loop() {
float_val = analogRead(FLOAT);   // read value from FLOAT switch
Serial.print(“Float Switch reads “);


Reading from the lowest level of the Float Switch:

Lowest leavel reading

Reading from the higest level of the Float Switch:

High level reading

We now know the values in the ON and OFF States of the Float Switch.

It is now possible to use this switch to control water levels and perform work functions.



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