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Failure – often times results in learning new things! May 6, 2011

Posted by rik94566 in aquaponics, arduino, general, Hacks, Standards, Temperature Probe.
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If every time you try something new and it works you never learn anything. I knew this from years of doing different things, but the point was made clear again over the last few weeks. Being new to electronics work this is ever so important. Arduinos can do so much and the creativity that this platform allows is unbelievable. Often times I find that what is not said or documented is as important as the final tutorials. In most of the blogs and tutorials I read they only talk about or list the working version of the project. This is fine in most cases, but to trouble shoot a project when it does not work because of some error is helpful for the person doing the project. I think all tutorials and blogs should document the errors and results of wrong connections to help trouble shoot the project or be able to know in the future where to look for problems should the project malfunction. So from now on I am going to talk about my failures and problems I have encountered on my builds. I feel this is important so I and others can understand how to work out of problems and see results that don’t make sense and know how to fix them.



1. toasty redhead - May 15, 2011

I agree 100%

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