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DS18B20 Temp Probe — CAT 5 Hook-up May 15, 2011

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It is time to connect the DS18B20 temperature probe to a CAT 5 cable.  This will allow me to create a BUS for as many temperature probes as I need for my aquaponic units.


Temp Probe                  ——–                      CAT 5

RED                          =====                     BLUE

YELLOW                 =====                   ORANGE

BLACK                     =====                    BROWN

Connections with shrink tubing

Only thing left to do now is add shrink tubing to the connection between the probe and cable and place a RJ45 connector to the end of the CAT 5 cable.  Now it is possible to make my probes as long as I want and have a standard way to connect the probes to  an arduino for reporting temperatures.

Complete connections

Make sure to test the probe and connections and make sure the probe is working correctly.



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