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Red Cabbage — aquaponics May 28, 2011

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I have been making a lot of progress on my quest to master understanding the DS18B20 temperature probes for use in my aquaponic units that I build.   But I need to keep in mind where all this is leading.  So here are some pictures of

5 weeks of growth

my first attempt at growing red cabbage in my current working unit.  I only have one tube functional at the this time, as I am working on a redesign of my upper tube to incorporate my work on the temp probes and media probes for the next step in my Smart Tube automation.

Close up of one plant at 5 weeks

The leaves on my plants are huge!!

White square is 1" X 1"

Here is my growth at 9 week mark heads are starting to form.  I am weeks away from “RED CABBAGE” coleslaw.

9 weeks of growth

To give some idea of how big these things are, the back tube is 15″ in diameter and tube growing the cabbage is 12″ PVC pipe.

Heads starting to take shape



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