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RJ45 Sensor Hub June 7, 2011

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Now that I have established my standard for sensor connections I will need build the hub to hook up the sensors.  So I build a 2 connector RJ45 jack hub to test the sensors that I build.  This hub will allow me to test different sensor configurations and arduino sketches for test sensors  as I develop them.

Here is what it looks like.

RJ45 Sensor Hub Connector

End view of terminals

I have marked the terminals on both ends so there can be no confusion as to what connections are being used.  Make sure you have test all the connections with your multimeter.  That way you know for sure everything is working before you start testing situations with sensors.



1. Nick - May 7, 2016

Anyway you could post the connections for this hub? What does it look like under the cover?

rik94566 - May 13, 2016

Nick — I will put some detail up – but it will be after Maker Faire in San Mateo the weekend of May 20th. I am right in the middle of getting ready for that. I have made a number of improvements for version 2.0 Raspberry Pi / Arduino. So did not want to start updating things until the design and working models were locked down and performing at the level that I was OK with talking about.

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