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NEXT GOAL — Temp probe Hub (DS18B20 & RJ45) August 12, 2011

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5 buttons and 5 temp readings

Here we go….  The goal here is to create a DS18B20 hub using RJ45 connections and have results displayed on a computer screen or LCD.  I want to achieve the functionality of a PINPOINT Temp unit I am currently using.  You can check it out here:


This unit allows you to see individual readings from each one of the probes you have connected and you also have the option to rotate through all the probes and see their values.  The Pinpoint unit is limited to 4 probes and I know it is wireless, but that will come later.  It is totally possible with arduinos and the things we are learning here.

When I get my hub working it will hold 5 probes and the analog button panel will display the correct temperature for the button pushed.  Button 1 gives reading from probe 1 and so on.  If all goes well,  I will be able to hold down button 1 for about 3 seconds and then all temp probes values will be displayed in order starting with the first temp probe.


  • Sketch for analog button panel.
  • Reading individual temp probe values using HEX code.
  • Determine the resistor values needed when working with 5 probes.  ( did a lot of research on this one)
  • Will I need external power supply.
  • Figure out how to connect my power wires and signal wires with the correct resistor and be strong enough to hold up to being bent without breaking the resistor wires ends.

If all goes well I will be able to create an Instructable so others can build their own DS18B20 hub and use them in any location that people want to track and drive control of enviroments with tempeture results.

So stay tuned it should be a fun and exciting fall….



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