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ERROR CAPTURE — why is it important September 13, 2011

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ERROR CAPTURE – is important so you know if there is a problem with any one of your probes.  Good software lets you know that something is not working and where to find the problem.  I worked to add this functionality to my sketch, but I am not a good enough programer to figure out where to insert it without causing errors to occur.  So I had to drop the feature.  Now that I am having to go a new and different direction I will make sure to have ” error capture ” feature in the new sketch configuration.

All probes report same temp

I was using a 2 probe sketch and only had   DEVICE O – PROBE-OO7   working , but the temp reported out for  DEVICE I – PROBE-OO8  the same temp as Device O.  The correct way would be for the sketch to report back that  “DEVICE I – PROBE-OO8  not working correctly” this would be ideal.  This is really important when you are running a lot of probes.



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