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SKETCH DESIGN — when unsure “COPY SOMEONE ELSE” September 29, 2011

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As I had talked about in a prior entry SKETCH DESIGN is very important to understand and know each function in the sketch.  If you are starting out like I am you will need to keep things very simple and straight forward or you will get lost.  My view is when unsure “COPY SOMEONE ELSE” .   At some point in time you will find someone that can help you get to the higher level or you start learn how to do it yourself.  Both work one just takes longer than the other.   So I will be doing a lot of pulling code from others to get these projects completed.  So make sure you use the things I get working here if it helps.




1. terry king - September 30, 2011

Rik, this is a very good point. The first thing Fiction writers do is read a lot of books! Reading code in some detail is done by most good software designers I know. Sometimes it’s for ‘fun’, but I also read a whole lot of code in “code reviews” and “code walkthrus” at IBM.

Arduino has a great community of sharing things.

Many people keep a library of “snippets” of code that they reuse over again. And there are online places with snippets, like http://icodesnip.com/search?q=arduino

You may want to save some of your code for things like different sensors etc.

Thanks for sharing your work and ideas!
Regards, Terry King …On the Mediterranean in Italy

2. rik94566 - October 6, 2011

Good points Terry — hope you are enjoying the Mediterranean…..

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