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TESTING EVERYTHING — DS18B20 — external power January 31, 2012

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Since I have been doing this blog, I have learned to test everything at the start of a project – through the project  — once all connections are made.  I find it gives me a comfort level through out the whole process.  As I work through each phase I know the parts and connections are working and I only need to go back one step to determine what the new problem is.  So here we go with testing my power supply and power jack.  This is how I did it you might do it another way.  As long as you know things are what they are suppose to be then all is good.


Checking Voltage on Power Supply

Close-up of the test configuration


This is just to make sure the jack has working conductivity to the pins in the back and they match the specs on the packaging.  When you do this test the multimeter will beep for you.  Always a sweet sound!  If you don’t know how to run this test – there is a lot of help on the internet or if all else fails read the instructions that came with the multimeter.

Test both (+) and (-)



1. Elenore Fairburn - February 4, 2012

I think this site holds some real good info for everyone : D.

rik94566 - February 8, 2012

Good – always like to do things that others can learn from also….

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