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DS18B20 — finding help with problems — external power supply March 28, 2012

Posted by rik94566 in 1-wire, aquaponic automation, DIY aquaponics, DS18B20, One-wire, sensor.
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Finding  help on problems with the DS18B20 protocol can be a bit frustrating at times.  Basically I have determined there are really only 6 options when you need help solving problems when it comes to the DS18B20.

1.  Research on the internet —  not very good, but for simple solutions it works

2. Tech support from where you purchased the DS18B20 — most cases they don’t know how to use the stuff they sell

3.  Data Sheet from maxium —  totally useless working on problems like external power supply issues

4.  Ask friends that know about electronics –  on design and basic electronic trouble shooting this is a good option, but not many will know anything about DS18B20

5.  Write a blog and tell about your problem and have your tribe tell you how to fix it.  ( it worked here —  thanks chris)

6.  Join a local Maker Group and take your problem there and have other makers look it over and determine the fix..  I did this and it proved to be a great strategy and met some really smart people and made some new friends.  They solved my problem just like Chris did.

Important news here is ask enough people to help you and before long someone will have the answer.



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