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DS18B20 — external power supply — Next Step April 11, 2012

Posted by rik94566 in 1-wire, aquaponic automation, arduino, DIY aquaponics, DS18B20, One-wire, Temperature Probe.
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Now that I know that 5 probes work using a 4.7K ohm resistor and external power, I need to determine next steps in this process.  Looking at the fact that I have over 20 probes to work with and have come so far in understanding how DS18B20 work.  My choice is very simple I think.  Keep going and determine how many probes I can get working and/or determine the breaking point at which probes don’t work.  This would take some major effort on my part as I need to prep all the probes and build the harnesses to support this many probes.  The good news is that the direction I am going requires the use of 5 wire harnesses, so I can use the harnesses in my other projects, so this is not wasted effort.  Bad news is that if I find that 4.7K ohm resistor will not support the high number of probes then I will want to test and determine the breaking point on the next lower resistor level which is the 2.2K ohm resistor.  This would require a large amount of work on my part.   This keeps going for me because I have found no confirmed information about any of these levels or if they work in the real world.  Being that no real work has been found I have the opportunity to establish some new information on DS18B20’s that will help others and be lasting resource on the internet well into the future.  I really am ready to finish this subject off and move on to other automation projects that have importance in my aquaponic quest.  So now I need to double my efforts to finish this off and move on.



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