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I learned a few weeks ago that I was selected to present at the World Wide Aquaponics Conference September 21 to 23 of this year.  Here are the details if interested:

Aquaponics & Arduino —  The WHAT – The HOW — and into the FUTURE – In this workshop attendee’s will gain a understand of the arduino platform and how custom aquaponic automated solutions can be build on any scale.


–  Know what an arduino is
–  Understand the concept of open source
–  Touch and feel the sensors that are used in a aquaponic system
–  Demystify the use of technology in aquaponics
–  Gain understanding of what the future in aquaponics can and will look like
Rik will have a full working desktop unit that is fully automated on a DIY scale. We will breakdown each sensor and explore how they work.  We will talk about available resources and see how items purchased on a local level can lead to an automated system that is easy to install at any level.  We will have web references and instruction guides on all the major components and how they are connected to form a “SENSOR NETWORK” in today’s world.  We will talk about and demonstrate the concept of “INTO THE FUTURE – EVERYTHING WILL HAVE AN IP ADDRESS”

Rik Kretzinger grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Central California.  He earned a degree in Horticulture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA.  He worked his way through college as a commercial grower at a major greenhouse operation growing Tropical Plants, and managed over 700,000 square feet of production Roses after graduation.  He moved on to fill a Ag Specialist role with Union Carbide working with all the major agriculture crops in the Western States. he is presently working in Biotech industry supporting the growth and development of geneotyping of all major crops throughout the world.  Automation in aquaponics started out as a hobby and has now developed in to a full time passion and a clear path to the future of agriculture in the world.



1. John Robb - July 1, 2012


You are a rock star!

Would really love to share the material above with the thousands of people in our online community. Any interest? I’ll help you edit it up/get it in shape. I’d even help you productize it if you need that kind of help.

Please let me know. Here’s a little about me:


John Robb

rik94566 - August 2, 2012

John – sounds good to me. i checked out your link. Looks interesting. Let me know what you were thinking about. You can reach me at rik@wasabiusa.com

2. ChrisFromFresh - July 2, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for being a presenter at the conference this year! This will be my first time attending the conference and it will be good to be able to spend an entire weekend immersed in good topics like this!

See you there!

rik94566 - August 2, 2012

Chris – So looking forward to talking and meeting fellow Aquapons. Glad you will be there also. Let’s be sure to talk. I would like to learn more about your projects.


3. George Schreiber - August 11, 2012

Chris, you might wanna check this open source project I am working on… it offers ready-to-flash binary for people not comfortable with integrating and tweaking code (but can plug shields together and flash software on an Arduino Mega 2560)…
I’d appreciate your comments/thoughts!
Best Regards

rik94566 - September 18, 2012

George – sorry for the delay, but have been a little busy getting read for the World Wide Conference. I did visit your site and each time I visit there is more content. I like it. I presently am not using the arduino mega and need to get one. This will be after the conference now. But would love to connect up and find out more about your solution. Would like to get set up and don some blogs on the functionality and how it performs with some of my systems.

Thanks, rik

George Schreiber - September 21, 2012

Hi Rik, no probs. I constantly roll a full task-list too so time flies quickly… 😉

Hope the World Wide Conference is going well and you and all folks are having a good time apart exchanging knowledge and ideas…

Glad you like the project site (you can sign up there too for more in-sight: eg. nowadays I am working on implementing AtlasScientific sensor kits), though as I am doing this in my free time I am not that satisfied with the progress… 😦
But delighted by the idea of having you check out the solution and exchange thoughts about it.

Anyway, for now, ‘good luck’ with your presentation(s) – if yet to be done.

Feel free to contact me in email once you have some time.


4. Jim Hall - September 23, 2012

Great presentation. Mahalo!

rik94566 - September 25, 2012

Jim – Thanks so much for being there. I check out your site from time to time and like all the good work you are doing. My daughter lives in Lahaina and we will be visiting her in March. Maybe if you can break away for a little while I would love to learn more about what you are doing. But only if you have time, I know how busy we are all with our projects. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Thanks again — rik

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