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Slide Switch – making it work for my need April 7, 2013

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First question is what is a “SLIDE SWITCH”?  Well they are very common.  Never thought I would need to know how they worked and how I was going to connected them up.  As it turns out I have two projects now that require them.  So now is the time to work out how to connect them up.

Here is what one looks like.  They are found in many electronic devices.

Slide Switch - blog2

Yet again in electronics you need to know what it is that you want.  There is not just on size fits all when it comes to “SLIDE SWITCHES”.  I thought this was going to be easy to get connected up.

Here are just a few of the options I had and decisions I had to make on such a small part.

SPDT – Single pole double throw

DPDT – Double pole double throw

SPST – Single pole single throw

SPDT Sub-mini

Heavy Duty Slide Switch

DPDT Right-Angle PCB Mount

These are just the options at Radio Shack.  Do an internet search and the options are endless (seems like).

To solve my problem I made a trip to Radio Shack and made a purchase to get started.

6-pack slide switch

Once I got them home I had to deal with picking between the option of 2-3-4-6 prongs to work with.  To solve this issue pulled out my multimeter and tested my options.

The end result I was after is to be able to  switch between external power and arduino power (parasite power) for my sensors.  The reason for this is some times I want to run external power, but when I am only testing a few sensors I just want to keep things simple and run off  arduino power.

The end result was use a DPDT Slide Switch. This required to use the 6 prong switch.



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