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DS18B20 – Terry King — Thank you July 12, 2013

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Well thanks to Terry King and his comment – that he has DS18B20’s working fine with arduino IDE 1.0X.  I double downed my efforts to get 1.0.2 arduino IDE working.  I un-installed all versions – dumped all the libraries and started from a clean system again.  Loaded everything up and got all the new  libraries.  EVERYTHING WORKED FINE!  Thank you Terry!




1. Nazur Gomes - August 4, 2013

Rik I need your help to monitor the water quality with arduino!!

rik94566 - August 6, 2013

Nazur – what type of help are you looking for?

Nazur Amorim Gomes - August 7, 2013

Hi Rik, I’m a computer engineering student here in Brazil and I’m asking for help to build a water quality monitoring system for aquaculture using arduino. First of all I’d like to measure temperature, light intensity, pH, DO and ammonia and I’m looking for materials, codes and compatible sensors in many biographies,websites and articles. I’ll be glad if you help me.

rik94566 - August 15, 2013

Nazur – This is all good things you are doing and touches on just about everything I am doing as well. I can lend you support and answer questions for you in general, but anything more will take away from my own efforts to establish my aquaponics business and building a worldwide brand. Here is a good place to start:

I will also list this book in the resources section of my blog for you and others. This book generated so much interest at the Worldwide Aquaponics Conference that I presented at that someone borrowed it and did not return it to me! So I had to buy another one – o well they must have needed it.

2. chris - August 6, 2013

was wondering what arduino compatible PH sensor your using ??

rik94566 - August 6, 2013


I currently only using a stand alone pH sensor and monitor. I use the american marine – pinpoint model. My feeling is that pH will be the last sensor to lock down in my automation efforts. I am more focused on relays – valves – pumps and overall water level control. With the item above I know what my pH is 24/7 and can adjust very easily daily if needed, so commit a large amount of resources to automate this aspect of the the units at this time is not worth it to me. Because if you are going to have pH automated then you should go all the way and have auto dosing in place as well. To scale to a commercial level automated pH control is a must with auto dosing. But if you want to play with it now I would go with with what APdunio recommends.

Here is a link:

I am looking at this product:

I am talking with APduino folks about possible use of this one. pH and arduinos is tricky business and needs to be done right or you will kill fish. I would like to use the pinpoint probe as it is only 40 US and easy to find. The Altas probe and board have mixed reviews and seem to be very sensitive to moisture conditions.

chris - August 6, 2013

Sweet !!! thanks… exactly what I was hoping was on the market.

right now looking at data logging the PH.


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