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Major Accomplishments Achieved August 6, 2013

Posted by rik94566 in 1-wire, agponics.com, arduino, Internet-of-Farming, IoT aquaponics.
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Well it has been a while since my last post.  For good reason.  I wanted to hold off posting for some big accomplishments to talk about and set up the direction I will be going with this blog into the future.


This will be my 100th post.  When I started this blog it was more an effort to explore ideas and concepts related to one small aspect of aquaponics and has now grown into a world wide effort from a number of neat people.


Have had my highest ever number of views on the blog and daily traffic has hit all time highs.

blog stats-rik


Will go over 50K view of the Internet-of-Farming this week!


IoT- Farming stat


Finishing of my    agponicMD (micro device).  I now have a fully functional aquaponic device that will allow me to test any and all scenarios that I want to.  This is a major big deal for me.   This allows me to actually achieve IoT on a personal level and be one of the first to reach a practical application that will help interest others in this area of farming and agriculture.  Without this blog and the comments from all you I would not have been able to get this far or learned so much.

Front view of the IoT micro device – shows pump / air stones / pH probe / heater /temp probes / media probes / float switch

md - twist

md-back side2




1. jvandermerwe - August 10, 2013

Hi Rik – congrats on your achievements! I’m particularly interested in your micro device concept. I’ve been planning to build an Aquaponics setup for a while, which will hopefully one day be installed in a geodesic dome in my garden. First however, I want to build the automation right down to monitoring nitrate/nitrite levels. I’m a software developer and my plan is to use as Raspberry Pi to manage everything.

Would you be open to putting together a separate post detailing your MD build? It would be super useful for me and I’m sure anyone else looking to do automation in a micro environment.

Thanks in advance!

rik94566 - August 16, 2013

Thanks jvandermerwe — Raspberry Pi is a good way to go and most though leaders in this field the way to go is to use an arduino to gather sensor data and feed it to a server (Raspberry Pi) with that driving the automation. I will head that way in the long run once I start to optimize my efforts. I do not have time or the energy to do a detail plan of the MD unit. But I was planning to show the different components with pictures and views of how they are positioned. I will also blog the parts list. I will also be listing selling they for people that do not want to build them. When I count the parts and time the cost would be in the $499.00 range. If you are going to really going to automate an number of units or learn how to automate you need a unit like this to test sensors and establish software configuration. The unit is not for everyone, but in an educational setting it would be money well spent and safe for all levels of learners.

2. Marcelo - September 11, 2013

Hi Rik, it’s amazing your achievements! I would like to learn more about your MD system, wil you list it for selling? thanks!

rik94566 - September 16, 2013

Marcelo – I just put it up on the “Things for Sale” page. As soon as I finish off a few projects I will start to blog about the construction and different aspects of the build. No plans to develop any detail plans on the build other than blogging about it. Thanks for checking my blog out. rik

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