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agponic-MD — Will now be documented September 29, 2013

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Well the good news is that I am under construction on an additional “agponic-MD” unit.  Since I will be building one I will be blogging about the build so those interested in how it goes together can see first hand the construction process.  I will also be reviewing the items and products that go into the build so if you follow along you will learn all about the different parts and sensors and how I test them to insure they function correctly.  Enjoy  ……

The first items needed for the build are the containers.  Here is what I use for this:

There are to different sizes 7.3 cups (1.7L) & 4.7 cups (1.1L)

There are to different sizes 23 cups (5.4L) & 10.8 cups (2.6L)

They get stacked with the 4.7 cup one on top of the 7.3 cup one like this:


TOWER CORE GUTS – now for sale in “Things for sale” page September 26, 2013

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Here is what goes into the Tower Tubes and provides the water to the top and wiring for the sensor.  The sensor configuration is a “Water Sensor” and “Temp Prob” combination.  These have waterproof connectors that can be disconnected when the towers are removed to be taken to market or needing media to be pulled out once a crop is spent.

Core Guts

core guts -2

TOWER INTERFACE PLATE — protects the dry core of the tower base September 25, 2013

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Here is the “INTERFACE PLATE” —  this plate is inserted into the base of the towers and is sealed.  With this interface plate in place wires can be run to tower sensors and power supplied to the pumps that feed the towers.  Without these interface plates it would be dangerous to provide power to pumps or connect or disconnect the tower columns.

Interface Plate

BEST COMMENT OF THE YEAR — from “Internet of Farming” September 16, 2013

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alexandre freire

alexandre freire 11 hours ago

I am a aquatic live system specialist, built systems around the world all sizes and types!

and I just want to say that you did impress me a lot!

you are a genius! this whole entire thing is wow!


TOWER POCKET TOOL — now for sale September 14, 2013

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Details can be found on my “Things for sale” page.

Here is the tool used in the “Internet of Farming” youtube. Many people have been interested in it for construction of there own Tower Tubes.

Click on picture for video detail from youtube.


pocket tool

TOWER TUBES — NOW FOR SALE September 12, 2013

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I have just updated the “THINGS FOR SALE” page with the pricing for the Tower Tubes.

Check it out and follow the instructions listed on the page and I will get busy delivering your tubes to you.


INDOOR GARDEN SHOW – SF September 11, 2013

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This past July I was able to attend the Indoor Garden Show in San Francisco.

Have always wanted to attend for the past 3 or 4 years, but was unable due to my personal vacation during the same time.

Well this year it worked out and got to spend a whole day there with a large number of others.

Found some very interesting new items that I will be able to put to work on some up coming projects. I will blog about them as I have time.

The one that was of most interest are Air Pots. This is a product that will have major impact for me going forward. I will be blogging about it and how I am using it in the next few posts. So stay tuned.


Habaneros — gone wild September 4, 2013

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I do not eat habaneros, but my son and daughter in law do. So they wanted me to grow some for them. So this spring it planted 3. As this is my first time growing them I had no idea how much they can produce in an aquaponics system like mine. I had so many and they are so hot none of my friends will take any more.