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TOWER CORE GUTS – now for sale in “Things for sale” page September 26, 2013

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Here is what goes into the Tower Tubes and provides the water to the top and wiring for the sensor.  The sensor configuration is a “Water Sensor” and “Temp Prob” combination.  These have waterproof connectors that can be disconnected when the towers are removed to be taken to market or needing media to be pulled out once a crop is spent.

Core Guts

core guts -2



1. katie - September 29, 2013

Where did you get the tool to make the tower slots and where do you buy the little inserts that the plants go in? I did searches but didn’t find either one. Thanks for all you help!

rik94566 - September 29, 2013

Max –

Thanks for watching the video on my systems and work. Glad you enjoyed it. As for your questions here is what I think is the best answers.

1) Beginner taking on the Towers, not that hard to do, but you would need to have a clear understanding of water clarity for aquaponics – but for hydroponics as long as you maintained your EC you should be OK.

2) As for the “motor/backing to it” – well no motors in the units. There are pumps under each tower to provide water to top of each tower. The power cord going into the base unit is for connection to the pumps and there are electronics to transition the 120V down to 5 volts and 9 volts. 5 volts is for sensor power and 9 volt for arduino power. The tower units will come with all the hardware and sensors all configured. Right now I am looking at a April 1 to April 15 date to make available for sale on educational units.

Hope this will help … rik

rik94566 - September 29, 2013

Katie — I make the block for the pockets. They are listed under “Things for sale” if you want a closer look at one. In the “RESOURCES & REFERENCES” are the links for the inserts. They are on amazon just search for aerogarden inserts. That should work for you.

2. edwin - September 30, 2013

Perhaps i dont understand the workings of the tower. What is the need for the water sensor? isn’t the water just sort of drizzling down the tower? So what sort of waterlevel is that water sensor measuring? Seems a lot of sensors just for a strawberry tower. Do i understand correctly that there is no medium in it other than the Aerogarden like plugs?

rik94566 - September 30, 2013

edwin – good questions — for one or a few units the water sensors are not needed as a person can check the towers to insure the pumps are functioning correctly. When someone (like me) wants to scale to say a 1000 towers checking each one to insure no pump failures is impossible to do. Thus the reason for automation. Should any pump fail in any of the 1000’s of the towers notification would be sent out via the IoT protocol and I would be texted as to the where a bouts of the failed tower and excite location and I would be able to fix the problem before growth of a commercial crop would be impacted. You must keep in mind that when you go commercial “Big Data” is very important for tracking the health and environmental conditions that can be audited by food safety organizations. More information you can collect regarding your crops the better. Into the future if I have it and you don’t I can get more money for my products than you. so if you are going to be a commercial grower you better start to get ready for more regulation in the food supply chain. As to the media in the tower question – well the towers in the video did not have the media in place as I only had one tower to demo at the time if you check my blog and check out the tower system updates you will see the bird-netting that lines the core of the towers. Hope this helps.

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