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agponic-MD — Will now be documented September 29, 2013

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Well the good news is that I am under construction on an additional “agponic-MD” unit.  Since I will be building one I will be blogging about the build so those interested in how it goes together can see first hand the construction process.  I will also be reviewing the items and products that go into the build so if you follow along you will learn all about the different parts and sensors and how I test them to insure they function correctly.  Enjoy  ……

The first items needed for the build are the containers.  Here is what I use for this:

There are to different sizes 7.3 cups (1.7L) & 4.7 cups (1.1L)

There are to different sizes 23 cups (5.4L) & 10.8 cups (2.6L)

They get stacked with the 4.7 cup one on top of the 7.3 cup one like this:




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