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agponic Tower — interface plates — 3 different templates needed November 12, 2013

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To build the tower base with all the sensors a interface plate is needed to prevent water from reaching the inter core of the tower base.  As it turns out 3 different templates are needed to accomplish the  task.


Here is what one looks like once it is completed  and ready to be installed into a tower base:



agponic MD — adding cable gland to the container November 12, 2013

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An important aspect to making the agponic MD unit work is making sure the containers are water tight.  There are a large number of holes made to accommodate the many mounting screws and allow sensor wires to pass from the tank container and grow bed container.  Without addressing this issue early on one will only encounter leaks and problems once the unit is together.

STEP ONE —  The parts


STEP TWO  — Mark where the hole should be before drilling

mark hole

STEP THREE  — prep to drill

This is a very important step, if you do not take extra careful steps you will crack the plastic with the drill bit and you will be starting over.  Support is needed behind the plastic.

tool support

STEP FOUR  — make the hole


STEP FIVE  —  assembly the parts in the hole


STEP SIX  — test the install —  important last step