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agponic Tower — interface plates — 3 different templates needed November 12, 2013

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To build the tower base with all the sensors a interface plate is needed to prevent water from reaching the inter core of the tower base.  As it turns out 3 different templates are needed to accomplish the  task.


Here is what one looks like once it is completed  and ready to be installed into a tower base:




1. Mike Rutledge - December 6, 2013

First off…. What are the template plates made of. Also I am trying to put sensors on my system and could use as much of a how-to as you could reasonably explain and detail. Thanks!

rik94566 - December 9, 2013

@ Mike – I get scrape marine plastic at TAP Plastics in the scrape bins. If you do not have a TAP Plastic near you – you can go to Bed Bath and Beyond or Wall-mart in your local area and purchase the white cutting boards they sell it is the same material. I like it because it is easy to work with and very easy to get to fit in all the location I am using it. As for you request to have more details of the build. Well that is hard to do right now because I am working at filling orders and developing new concepts for getting ready to scale at the end of next year. With a little effort you should be able to figure it out or email me at rik@agponics.com with specific questions and I will answer them.

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