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SENSOR COLOR CODE – for tracking where the probes are in the towers December 9, 2013

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Since I have a larger number of sensors in each tower unit I needed a way to know the exact sensor I will be dealing with and the location of the sensor.  The best way for me is to mimic the electronic color codes found on resistors.  Why reinvent things if I don’t have to.  So here is how I solved this problems.

tower code layout

So let now see how this works out —

tower probe - setupHere is the layout of the color coding for these sensors located in tower tube –

Temp Probes are – BLUE color

Water Probes are – YELLOW color

Start the code at the Sensor position and work into the inter-core

h2o probe - codeh probe - code


These patterns are repeated on both ends of the cable with the outer most position being the sensor color.  So if you held the two ends up together with the connectors facing the  same direction then the code would mirror each other.



1. Naha Jain - January 2, 2014

Hi Rik, the way that you have used color coding is really impressive. Surveillance Systems like motion detectors and sensors etc are very benefitial in automation and Security. Keep it up.

rik94566 - February 2, 2014


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