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GREAT NEWS – this just was published – Thank You Marco Schwartz January 31, 2014

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Here is a great blog post regrading the biggest problem with IoT –

This is good news as it can be done with a uno arduino and gives basic functionality and seems to be very straight forward solution.  I will be working with it this weekend.

Hats of to Marco and his efforts in this area.  This in my mind is a huge step forward in automation for hackers like me.

Hello folks ! I am Marco Schwartz from Open Home Automation, and I wanted to share with you the latest article I published on the blog. 

In this article, I took home automation outside of the house, to the garden to be more precise. I designed a wireless temperature & humidity sensor, based on Arduino, that connects to the web-based service Carriots, and can measure temperature & humidity directly into the ground.

With this project, you’ll be able to monitor your garden remotely, and even tell the project to send you an email if one measurement coming from your project gets out of range! Want to know more ? Simply read the full article on the blog:

Wireless Gardening with Arduino & the CC3000 WiFi chip

Also, I noticed that you are more and more to get the paperback copy of my book, Home Automation with Arduino. For those of you who received this version of the book, I’d like to hear from you, to know if you were satisfied with what you received from Amazon. Please let me know by replying directly to this email !

That’s all for today folks! Thanks a lot for all the support and the encouragement emails that I receive everyday, and of course you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Marco Schwartz
Open Home Automation



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