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Backside equipment found on agponic-MD unit February 2, 2014

Posted by rik94566 in agponic MD, agponicMD, aquaponic automation, aquaponics, arduino, DIY aquaponics, Electronic Componets, Gravity feed valves, plumbing, sensor.
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back side equipment


1. Fresh With Edge (@FreshWithEdge) - February 6, 2014

Would you be willing to share both where you purchased and what your experience has been with the:
– electric valve
– bulk head fittings for the tank

I have a couple of hacks I’d like to use them for and I appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks

rik94566 - February 12, 2014

Sure – I will share, if next time I am in Rochester I can get to tour of your operations? I will post them under the resources page on the blog.

Fresh With Edge (@FreshWithEdge) - February 12, 2014

For sure! Keep in mind, we’re in Rochester, MN. We’re the better of the two, the one with the Mayo Clinic! 🙂

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