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Pass through PORT – on agponic-MD February 3, 2014

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One design feature on the agponicMD unit is the “pass through port”.

This is a tube that runs from the top of the grow bed and in front of the RJ-45 top junction connection box and then down into water tank or fish tank.

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This ‘Pass through port” actually has 3 functions:

First Function —    is to allow the unit water tank or fish tank (if you have fish in it) to be filled with having to open the unit up.

Second Function  —   allow for your fish to be feed if you chose to add fish to the unit.  I like Cory cats myself in it Green Emerald’s add a nice color contrast .

Third Function  —  Really the main reason I needed one.  Being that these containers are sealed when fully locked down air cannot get into the bottom tank.  This causes a problem with the drain valve.  Water tank container will not allow draining from the grow bed container as a air is source needed to unlock the inside pressure of the closed container.

I did a youtube video on the subject.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odFwA7KqAJ0

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