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THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS — arduberry February 12, 2014

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I have been reading about this product now for a while and finally thanks to J.C. Naumowicz got the link to check it out.


Here is the link:


This solution takes care of a number of issues that are hard to solve with arduino or raspberry pi on there own.  The two together are truly better together  than as individual solutions.

Enjoy and support this effort if it is something you think will be a better solution for us all.



1. Chuck Petras - February 14, 2014

I think your internet of farming is a way cool concept!

I’ve been working on making an environmental monitoring system for my beehives. The system will have mesh network radios on the hive going back to a gateway that will use cellular back to a data cloud.

For the Gateway I’m using a 2G modem to go back to a cloud supplied by 2lemetry , this uses the Arduino Shield form factor. This will be plugged into an Embedded Pi . This will be connected to Linear Technology SmartMesh IP network manager .

Each beehive node will use a Linear Technology SmartMesh IP 802.15.4 Mote connected to either an Arduino or TI MSP430 (which will be connected to the various environmental sensors).

I think this could be characterized as an internet of things (IoT) system. Again googling I found Dr Chuck Bell’s IoT presentation motivating .

2. Chuck Petras - February 14, 2014

WordPress was kind enough to strip out all the links from the above, which are here:
2lemetry DOT com
shop.2lemetry DOT com/products/coyote-board
http://www.element14 DOT com/community/docs/DOC-53007
http://www.linear DOT com/designtools/wireless_mesh_networks.php
http://www.oscon DOT com/oscon2012/public/schedule/detail/23966

3. Jonah Eskin - February 28, 2014

Hi, I’m starting a business in manufacturing arduino/raspberry pi compatible electronic ammonia sensors. Does this sound like something that would be useful to your project? I’d love to hear your feedback whether it’s something you would want or not.
Feel free to email me with inquiries: jonaheskin@gmail.com

rik94566 - March 1, 2014

jonah – this is very interesting idea. Ammonia is important in aquaponics, but up to this point sensors and solutions have been very expensive and/or non existent at the micro-controller level and required a lot of technical knowledge to perform this function. Ammonia would be great to capture data points on, but it is not the most important aspect to be tracked in aquaponics. I can look at my fish and tell very quickly if I have a problem. So the ammonia sensor would be a nice to have in combination with Nitrates and Nitrites to track the peaks and valleys of the cycles. As everything in life there is a cost associated with the convenience. As in the presentation I made at the international conference in Denver in 2012 my top tier sensors are temp – water levels and how they impact relays and valves. I am all about water level control more than environmental factors. I can monitor those on an as needed basis. Would I like the data – you bet, but at what cost and how easy of a solution is it to implement. Right now I will put my money into automation of pumps and valves first then work on environmental monitoring as cost effective sensors and code are develop for the micro-controller platform. Would love to check out your efforts. So will send you a request to learn more at the email you provided. rik

Jonah Eskin - March 1, 2014

Wow! Thank you very much for your feedback. This is very helpful for me to hear. I have been looking at ways to make electronic ammonia sensors more accessible to aquaponics/arduino folks by lowering the price and making it easier to use, but I can definitely see what you’re saying about water levels being the most important to you. I will keep that in mind as I research more on how to make sensors that meet the needs of people like you. And please, email me with any questions or ideas you have for me if any come to you!

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