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Make Magazine – digital release of vol 47 — September 22, 2015

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I learned that Make Magazine vol 47 is now on-line.

So here is the link for review:

MAKEZINE – vol 47

make 47

It is my understanding that the Projects pages link has not been activated as yet.  This is where details of the build can be found.

Arduino Sketches are found there as well.

But understand it is only starting code that will be added to and developed as time goes on.  Right now the UNO sketches only handles a timer functionality.  As people build the Gardens and report back their code updates I will be posting them here for all of us to learn from.

There is also a IoT Sketch using the code generated by Temboo that sends a SMS message system that again is starting code.

I have to point out that I DO NOT support the sketches from a technical perspective they are purely for reference and a starting point for people to use and develop on there own.  As I build out the interface on the project I will be posting code and sketches that work and would be of interest to the readers of this BLOG.

Also I have released some Instructables that support the article from a build perspective.  More are to come as they are developed or change made in the design of the Balcony Garden.


1. Christine Crahan - October 15, 2015

Hey Rik! Check out Bright Agrotech’s youtube channel if you ever have a spare second. They are a hydroponic/aquaponic farming company in Wyoming who also sells their patented vertical towers & they release instructional videos and more for start-up growers who are trying to learn hydroponics. I think you’d really like them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdNLE33fcMMW3uYINssFKBQ

rik94566 - October 16, 2015

Chrisine — Thanks for the recommendation about Bright Agrotech. Actually I have been following Nate for a few years now. I meet him at a conference in 2012 where we were both presenters. I love the work that they continue do and the ideas and products that they creat and develop that help us all push the envelop on these new and emerging technologies in auqaponics.

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