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PRINTED — 3D part now printed and ready to use February 21, 2013

Posted by rik94566 in aquaponics, arduino, Rj45 connector, Sketch-UP.
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Well it has been a journey to print my first 3D item.  Here it is.

Front View of RJ-45 Socket

Front View of RJ-45 Socket

Here is a view of printed socket with parts that will actually be use in the final product and compared to my proto-type.

Printed part next to proto-type

Printed part next to prototype

Here is the actual cost break-down on the printing:

Printing costs

Printing costs

Now for the killer:  SHIPPING —-

The item was shipped from Oakland, CA to where I live only about 35 miles and went out UPS.  The thing weighs less than an oz or two!

ponoko shipping

Total came to $20.45.  At this rate the cost of a 3D printer is well within reach in the near future.  With all the things I want to create and print I can keep a 3D printer busy most of every day.