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In an effort to be able to develop faster I set a goal to go in a different direction. My choices were learn to program in python or explore and work with Node-Red.

Being that I have no programing background or real understanding of computer science python was going to be a major effort to learn and a large time commitment which would take away from my other efforts. After a little more research Node-Red seemed the better choice since both options were going to be a lot of work on my part.

Learning Node-Red and getting start with it was my new goal for the year.

DS18B20 – Resistor Module – parts defined November 4, 2019

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Working with the resistor module is making things much easier and a lot less work on my part.  I am liking what I am seeing from a development standpoint and can see a real time savings that will deliver consistent results.  First step is understanding what is found on the board and which end goes with which connection.