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TOWER SYSTEM – set-up at Maker Faire 2014 May 22, 2014

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Maker Faire - 2014

RADIAL FLOW FILTER – just completed April 2, 2014

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IMG_1365Since first conceiving of the Tower unit as a concept I knew they needed to be operated differently than DWC and Media bed in how you deal with the solids from the fish.  Media beds —  it has not been that big a deal for me because my rule is that any tank size smaller than 350 I filter the water and break-up the solids and then put back into solution by pumping back into the grow beds.  This way I lose no nutrients that the fish produce.  Has worked well for over 3 years now.  In the testing that I have done with the towers I found that solids need to be dealt with or things will plug up.  I still will be reintroducing the broken up solids back into the system put it will take place downstream of the bio-filter component and re-injected into the new buffer tank that stabilizes fish tank water volume and height.  This all came out of research I was doing on how best to handle solids in aquaponics.  As designed this radial flow filter can handle up to and maybe a bit more than a 1000 gallons of fish tank water.  The only thing left to figure out on this radial flow filter now is where I will be locating the outlet for the clean water.  That will be dependent on fish tank water level.  Should have fish tank completed this coming weekend and make the determination on this aspect of the build.

I put together a youtube slide show if you want to see more detail of the radial flow filter:

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS — arduberry February 12, 2014

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I have been reading about this product now for a while and finally thanks to J.C. Naumowicz got the link to check it out.


Here is the link:


This solution takes care of a number of issues that are hard to solve with arduino or raspberry pi on there own.  The two together are truly better together  than as individual solutions.

Enjoy and support this effort if it is something you think will be a better solution for us all.

200,000 Views on Youtube – “Internet of Farming” — WOW February 2, 2014

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Backside equipment found on agponic-MD unit February 2, 2014

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back side equipment

Major Accomplishments Achieved August 6, 2013

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Well it has been a while since my last post.  For good reason.  I wanted to hold off posting for some big accomplishments to talk about and set up the direction I will be going with this blog into the future.


This will be my 100th post.  When I started this blog it was more an effort to explore ideas and concepts related to one small aspect of aquaponics and has now grown into a world wide effort from a number of neat people.


Have had my highest ever number of views on the blog and daily traffic has hit all time highs.

blog stats-rik


Will go over 50K view of the Internet-of-Farming this week!


IoT- Farming stat


Finishing of my    agponicMD (micro device).  I now have a fully functional aquaponic device that will allow me to test any and all scenarios that I want to.  This is a major big deal for me.   This allows me to actually achieve IoT on a personal level and be one of the first to reach a practical application that will help interest others in this area of farming and agriculture.  Without this blog and the comments from all you I would not have been able to get this far or learned so much.

Front view of the IoT micro device – shows pump / air stones / pH probe / heater /temp probes / media probes / float switch

md - twist

md-back side2


Internet-of-Farming July 5, 2013

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Just got featured on an international blog showing my aquaponic system and work I have been doing with aquaponic automation in ag related technologies. Getting close to 10,000 views on YouTube.

www.faircompanies.com source

system overview

What is an aquaponic device for IoT-aquaponics June 11, 2013

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Aquaponic devices can come in many sizes and shapes.  There are simple and complex devices as with all technologies.

The most simple aquaponic device would be a temp probe connected up to an Arduino with the data generated being sent out to a Cloud service like Xively/Cosm/Pachube or ThingSpeak via ethernet or wireless connection.

I am working on a more complex aquaponic device right now that will contain the following sensor set:

pH sensor

3 – DS18B20 probes

1 – Flow meter

3 – media sensors

1 – Float Switch

1 – Humidity and Temp probe (DHT-22)

3 – gravity feed valves controlled by relays

1 – air pump controlled by relay (in N/O) configuration

1 – back-up air pump that turns on if electric goes out

1 – heater controlled by relays driven by temp reading being generated by the DS18B20 probes.

This device will be my proto-type to test sensor configurations and try new sensors out.  It will allow me to gain an understanding of how all this IoT technology comes together and can actually perform work with out me having to constantly watch my system.  I would like to be in Hawaii and just have my iPhone alert me when an event is out of range.  Then I could make the necessary adjustments over my Aquaponic API software and be done with it while at the beach.

DS18B20 – always a new twist June 10, 2013

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I have resisted moving to Arduino IDE 1.0.x as I have read that people have had problems moving to it.

In my case I have been using ver 21 IDE because it was stable and all the libraries worked with it.  Now that I am moving to the IoT platform I am required to use Arduino IDE 1.0.x.

First step was to download and install.  Then needed to re-establish all the libraries required to work with DS18B20.  Once all done it was time to determine if it all would work correctly.

To start off I ran the one-wire finder sketch.  Much to my delight it worked.  Now I was very confident that this transition was going to go smoothly.   I now connected up 3 sensors and loaded my 3 sensor sketch.

Here was my result:

DS18B20 - 1.0.x

I got reading that were incorrect or really no readings at all

Next I had to make sure the hardware was connected right.  So I went back to my ver. 21 IDE and re-tested everything.  Sure enough everything worked great.

The results now is that using the Hacktronics sketch that was stated to be workable with Arduino IDE 1.0.x does not work with my set-up.  Now I will have to determine just what the problem is and how to correct it.

This will have to be my next task in learning about the DS18B20 and Arduino.

IoT – aquaponics May 15, 2013

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The future of aquaponis has arrived and it is call IoT —  Internet of Things. or IoT-aquaponics.

Why do I think this, well view this data:


Here is a good YouTube on how this has developed over the past five years or so. (click on picture)

5000 days