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SUGRU — makes a harness possible August 21, 2011

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In order to connect up 5 DS18B20 temp probes and make sure all the wires and connectors work correctly took some effort.  The fact that a pull-up resistor is required to take readings was an issue for me.  I have been using 1/4 watt resistors and in tight spaces my resistor wires kept breaking off.  So I needed a way to connect it all up and be protected.  Sugru saved the day.

Sugru made a strong bond

I showed you the end product as that is what most people are interested in.  But it is important to understand how the end product was created.

Here is the starting point:

pull-up resistor configuration

Spacing of the wires and resistor is a big issue here, as if the spacing is off the connectors will not fit into the holders correctly.

one connection made

Next trick was to get 5 connections completed.

5 connections made

bend it just right to get correct spacing

side view

Front view

end product

Now it is possible to continue testing my DS18B20 temp probes with more than 2 probes.  This creation will allow me to build a temp probe hub using Cat 5 cable and RJ45 connectors.  This harness will also make it possible to stay with my basic premise of being able to replace any component in my systems with in 5 minutes.


SUGRU — safety first November 25, 2010

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Water and 120 volt electricity do not mix….

Valve operates on 120 Volts

I have been searching for gravity feed valves for sometime now.  I will be using them to control release of water from my tanks with the help of an Arduino.  I picked the 120volt option on this valve so I would not to deal with 12 or 24 volt wall warts.  Everything I am using right now is 120 volts.

So I wanted to keep my prototype setup very simple and straight forward.  This does cause some safety issues, so being overly careful is always  a good thing.

SUGRU — hack things better July 14, 2010

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SUGRU & parts used in the aquaponic hack


My tubing connection from filter to the fish tank came lose.  My tank holds 100 gallons of water and feeds my Aquatubes.  Should this connection break down I would lose all my water and my fish will die.  BIG PROBLEM !!!!  I tried going without the filter for about 3 weeks.  Ph shoot up to 7.85 and smaller fish started to die out.


I have been reading about sugru on the MAKE blog site for some time.  I was unemployed at the time of their first release that sold out in 6 hours and was unable to order any product at the time.  I knew at that point I needed this product.  One of my objectives in attending the MAKER FAIR in May held in San Mateo, CA was to purchase this product.  Up to this point I only wanted to use it on a mission critical project.  Then my filter tubing system started to come apart on my 100 gallon system —  MAJOR PROBLEM.   Called for a creative solution.

Connection problem - works lose over time

My solution was  —  SUGRU  —  I had been holding onto my supply for the right application.  Here it was.

SOLUTION - to problem

Close-up of solution:

Close-up of solution