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Researching how best to start learning Node-Red I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching what Node-Red is and how people learned how to use it. As always a lot of YouTuber’s put out content and some are clearly better at actually helping people understand concepts and produce valuable content that can be put to use by a non-computer programmer type person.
So I developed my list of people that were best for me to follow and start the process of learning this new skill set. Many of the ones I like were talking about the use of Node-Red with Home Assistant.
I had looked at Home Assistant some years ago and at the time it seemed Home Assistant was for very advanced users that are very good at the command prompt and with a lot of system knowledge. Way above my level at the time.
Then my research turned up this reference and changed my perspective on using Home Assistant.

This was, just what I was looking for.


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In an effort to be able to develop faster I set a goal to go in a different direction. My choices were learn to program in python or explore and work with Node-Red.

Being that I have no programing background or real understanding of computer science python was going to be a major effort to learn and a large time commitment which would take away from my other efforts. After a little more research Node-Red seemed the better choice since both options were going to be a lot of work on my part.

Learning Node-Red and getting start with it was my new goal for the year.