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Started a new YOU TUBE channel — rik.dyi.IOT July 13, 2019

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Be a maker – change your world

Being that I have been working on a lot of content in a number of different areas over the past two years, I need a better brand than what I had been using (which was really nothing).  So, to support this effort I decided to re-brand with a new logo and more descriptive caption as to my actual efforts and interests.  My focus has not changed over all and still is AQUAPONICS, but there are so many other areas that impact the full scope of Aquaponics in todays world.  Aquaponics is no longer just about PLANTS – FISH – WATER which is being shared   —  in my mind.

Here is the link to my new YOU TUBE channel and I will be building it out as I finish off content that supports my AQUAPONICS efforts to expand my development of some RADICAL new concepts that I have been thinking about and working on deployment of.



BSF – first adult female arrived June 6, 2010

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First Female BSF of the year


I have been looking for BSF to show up around my worm farm.  I found the first one today.  She was a beauty.  My fish are one step closer to having some treats in the near future!!  I found some of her eggs inside the worm farm also.  For visitors not knowing what BSF do and how they are used in aquaponics here is a blog for more information.


Head Shot of my BSF