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agponic – MD — air supply feature March 1, 2014

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A lot of aquaponic systems use air pumps.  So what is a aquaponic automation simulator without a air pump!  Here is how it is handled and how it is connected up.  This air pump comes standard on all the versions.  The extra air line is for the planned 12V back-up configuration that is part of the pro version.  Well underway on that unit and will have details soon.

air supply - MD

Backside equipment found on agponic-MD unit February 2, 2014

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back side equipment

TOWER TUBES — NOW FOR SALE September 12, 2013

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I have just updated the “THINGS FOR SALE” page with the pricing for the Tower Tubes.

Check it out and follow the instructions listed on the page and I will get busy delivering your tubes to you.


10,000 views surpassed on Instructables June 11, 2011

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I have written 3 instructables  over the last 2 years.  I have just gone over 10,000 views.  Never thought I would every have had that many views with only 3 instructions.  Always good to know people are interested in what I am interested in.

Passed 10,000 views

SUGRU — safety first November 25, 2010

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Water and 120 volt electricity do not mix….

Valve operates on 120 Volts

I have been searching for gravity feed valves for sometime now.  I will be using them to control release of water from my tanks with the help of an Arduino.  I picked the 120volt option on this valve so I would not to deal with 12 or 24 volt wall warts.  Everything I am using right now is 120 volts.

So I wanted to keep my prototype setup very simple and straight forward.  This does cause some safety issues, so being overly careful is always  a good thing.

SUGRU — hack things better July 14, 2010

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SUGRU & parts used in the aquaponic hack


My tubing connection from filter to the fish tank came lose.  My tank holds 100 gallons of water and feeds my Aquatubes.  Should this connection break down I would lose all my water and my fish will die.  BIG PROBLEM !!!!  I tried going without the filter for about 3 weeks.  Ph shoot up to 7.85 and smaller fish started to die out.


I have been reading about sugru on the MAKE blog site for some time.  I was unemployed at the time of their first release that sold out in 6 hours and was unable to order any product at the time.  I knew at that point I needed this product.  One of my objectives in attending the MAKER FAIR in May held in San Mateo, CA was to purchase this product.  Up to this point I only wanted to use it on a mission critical project.  Then my filter tubing system started to come apart on my 100 gallon system —  MAJOR PROBLEM.   Called for a creative solution.

Connection problem - works lose over time

My solution was  —  SUGRU  —  I had been holding onto my supply for the right application.  Here it was.

SOLUTION - to problem

Close-up of solution:

Close-up of solution

Swivel Manifold Fittings — Spears June 3, 2010

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Tight Situations can be over come and still work

The number one criteria I have when designing and building aquaponic systems is that I can replace or clean out any feature within 15 minutes.  I have had to re-do a number of components in systems that have resulted in a complete overhaul to get to one component of the system.  One of the keys to meeting my criteria is the use of Swivel Manifold Fittings.  They are hard to find and more expensive over all, but well worth the money in the long run for me.

Common Swivel Fittings for use in Aquaponics

 Use of these swivel manifold fittings allows for maximum flexibility in tight areas and hard to plumb situations.

Flexibility to make connections that can be taken apart in short order

Here is another tight situation that gives me  maximum flexibility.  This is a new system I am working on and had limited space to work with for all the plumbing.

Media Bed with tight plumbing requirements

I used a swivel manifold TEE fitting and can now take apart and clean out the plumbing with ease.

Swivel tee connection

Swivel connections with tight space constraints