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PRINTED — 3D part now printed and ready to use February 21, 2013

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Well it has been a journey to print my first 3D item.  Here it is.

Front View of RJ-45 Socket

Front View of RJ-45 Socket

Here is a view of printed socket with parts that will actually be use in the final product and compared to my proto-type.

Printed part next to proto-type

Printed part next to prototype

Here is the actual cost break-down on the printing:

Printing costs

Printing costs

Now for the killer:  SHIPPING —-

The item was shipped from Oakland, CA to where I live only about 35 miles and went out UPS.  The thing weighs less than an oz or two!

ponoko shipping

Total came to $20.45.  At this rate the cost of a 3D printer is well within reach in the near future.  With all the things I want to create and print I can keep a 3D printer busy most of every day.

SCALE-UP TIME — this solves the to small to print RJ-45 socket problem February 12, 2013

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Now I have a single unit RJ-45 socket cleaned up and water tight.  So now I needed to deal with the issue of my single model being to small to print.  Since I actually needed a 4 segment for my finished assembly that fits on my arduino case. Here is the finished single model.


I started with the single unit and added one additional unit at a time.  I got all the alinements correct on each level before moving on to the next addition of another unit to the scale up.  Here is the total scale up and ready for printing.  The finished model is 25mm X 68mm.

Finished RJ-45 Socket

WATER TIGHT model — Sketch-UP plug-in needed February 3, 2013

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With a little research on my end I found the Sketch-Up plug-in that had very good help features.  The product is CADspan.


You can down load it here if you have a need for this type of product:  http://www.cadspan.com/tools

Here is a YouTube to help you visualize what is possible with  this technology:

Frist RJ-45 socket model with Sketch-UP January 20, 2013

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Here is the model that I developed after a lot of learning and redoing over and over again until I got to this point.  I feel good enough with this model to start looking at getting it ready for 3-D printing.

Sketch-UP model

Sketch-UP model

I did a YouTube video to give a feel for what the model looks like and some of the neat features Sketch-UP has that is fun to use and needed to develop models.