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DS18B20 HEX code — where to keep it all October 18, 2011

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At the present time I am working with over 35 temp probes and that number will be growing as I add more aquaponic systems.  Since I have been engraving each probe with a specific probe number it was easy to associate the HEX code with the probe number.  The question became  —  where to keep this information.  I established an index of all my probe information.  When I first started I kept the index in google notebook and that gave me a lot of flexibility in looking at the index and interacting with it.  I could get to the index from just about any number of devises.  Since google has determined that they will no longer support notebook and will move all the information contained in google notebook to google doc format, that was not going to work for me any longer.  I had to find a different format for my probe index.  I had read about and started using a new product called Manymoon ( they have a free version).  It is a simple task management cloud product with a lot of functionality.  I needed a product like this any way as I needed away to help me track and stay on task with the projects that I have underway presently.

Here is what my index looks like:

Probe Index

I can expand the individual probe information and add any amount of additional information about the probe in the detail section and attatch links – documents – files to the reference.  Great stuff.

Here is what it looks like:

Probe Detail Section

This solution works great for me.  If you are only working with a small number of probes, you might not need this level of detail.  But if you are going to work with a lot of probes you will need to address this issue and find a solution that will be easy to use and find probe information quickly.