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www.carriots.com — new option in the IoT world of automation February 4, 2014

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Last week I was very charged up about the blog posting by Home Automation.  It was not that the work they were talking about was that outstanding, it was more about the API he was using called CARRIOTS.  It can be found at http://www.carriots.com.  There have been a number of similar type products hitting the market place recently by a number of different organizations and companies.  What I found most impressive with this was the fact that it was very straight forward and well documented with a clear pricing structure that was affordable for hackers.  The better news is that they have tech support as part of the reason they are in business.  Even better is that with this product it can be used in place of two products (APduino & Xively) because it has features that are found in both the other two services like “RULES”. Can’t wait to see what we all can do with a easy to use and less resource intensive API.

Check out this tutorial:


Here is a cool project that will help you see what can be done with this service:

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