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THE WAY FORWARD — use of HEX code for DS18B20 October 6, 2011

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It became clear to me that the path I was on was leading me to a deadend when it comes to using a large number of DS18B20 probes.  The sketches I was working with had problems for me.  A number of comments and suggestions from readers along with research on my part I have figured out that the use of HEX code is the way to go. This new direction will get me to the end now.  This seems to be the most traveled path when it comes to the DS18B20 platform.  The best work I can find going this direction comes from two main sites. The first site Hacktronics.com has some very good tutorials on this subject.  The second site is a spin off of the Hacktronics site in that the same code is used, but changed to be output to a LCD display (very useful stuff).  These two sites will be very useful for me going forward and will enable me to finish-up on the Temp probe side of things and will allow me to move on to the others sensors I have been working with.

The first is:


Second site:




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